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Anita Hinson Cauthen

Anita Hinson Cauthen

Learn to Bake

Each day as Papa Buck heads to Buck’s Best Batch, little Laddie and Nash are left behind to dream about the sweet treats their daddy makes at the bakery. That is, until they take matters into their own paws. In this delightfully sweet adventure, two young pups explore a bakery and learn how to whip, whoosh, and whirl their way into a world of culinary delights—with a few little messes along the way! 

Laddie and Nash Learn to Bake
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LANCASTER BAKERY:Thank You, Come Back to See Us

Come inside the Lancaster Bakery, a place with family history as rich as the delicious treats that can be found there.  This memoir cookbook shares stories of an extended bakery family in a small Southern town during the '50s and '60s.  The book celebrates the sweet and savory memories of the author's childhood and the bond she formed with her twin sister.  With recipes and stories for each season, LANCASTER BAKERY: Thank You, Come Back to See Us is both a culinary and literary delight.

The author is an Epilepsy Foundation Donation Partner and is donating 10 percent of the book royalties to the Epilepsy Foundation in memory of her twin sister, Rita Ann Hinson.

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Lancaster Bakery: Thank You, Come Back to See Us

. . . If you have a sweet tooth, this is the book for you. Using both rhyme and prose, the author tells a humorous tale that will make you laugh while teaching some valuable baking lessons. Cauthen's characters are so lively and full of quirks that you can't help but be entertained. Tim Stringer's illustrations are the icing on the cake ( no pun intended) as they enrich the read. The story also sends a beautiful message about having a passion for the things you love to do. 
- Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

. . . this is more than a look at the bakery's history as it includes complex topics like segregation . . . The bakery's story is heartwarmingly told, tender and compassionate.  The recipes that made it famous and the photographs that illustrate it make this a book to cherish.

- Emily-Jane Hills Oxford for Readers' Favorite

. . . Laddie and Nash Learn to Bake is a delightful children's read. Anita helps children understand that curiosity is normal and is one of the ways children learn about the world around them. Tim Stringer's beautiful and colorful illustrations add even more humor to the story.  At the end of the book, there is a recipe for Tea Ball Cookies so you and your children can practice safe baking skills. I recommend this book to all since cooking is a vital life skill.
- Philip Van Heusen for Readers' Favorite

From the processes, interactions, and personal and business relationships of the extended family that ran this icon of success to its intimate depiction of bygone times, and a vanished way of life,  Lancaster Bakery pairs sweet memories with bakery recipes adapted for home cooks in a manner that will delight readers seeking more than just another collection of restaurant specialties.

-Diane Donovan for Midwest Book Review

. . . I appreciated how authentic author Anita Hinson Cauthen made this book feel because it's often underestimated how difficult running a bakery can be, and this book demonstrates that well. I believe it is necessary to teach this to children, and what better approach than with puppies and lovely illustrations by Tim Stringer. I highly suggest this book to anyone who enjoys pets and tasty baked treats. Is there anything better?
- Laura Imaz for Readers' Favorite

Lancaster Bakery is beautifully presented, with easy-to-follow recipes, stunning black-and-white photography, and carefully considered, endearing stories about childhood.  These aren't sugar-coated memories either, and many will get readers in the emotional breadbasket.

-Michael Gardner for Readers' Favorite

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Laddie and Nash Learn to Bake

Lancaster Bakery: Thank You, Come Back to See Us

Anita Hinson Cuthen

About Anita Hinson Cauthen

ANITA HINSON CAUTHEN grew up in the small, Southern textile town of Lancaster, South Carolina.  Her youth centered on her extended family of eight and the family business, the Lancaster Bakery.   Anita has converted the bakery's most popular recipes from large batches of sweets to small batches suitable for home baking. 

Your family can enjoy making these sweets using recipes in Anita's cookbook, Lancaster Bakery:  Thank you, Come Back to See Us.

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Anita Hinson Cauthen

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