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Anita Hinson Cauthen


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Thank You, Come Back to See Us

Step inside the Lancaster Bakery, a place with family history as rich as the delicious treats that can be found there.  This memoir cookbook shares stories of an extended bakery family in a small Southern town during the '50s and '60s.  The book celebrates the sweet and savory memories of the author's childhood and the bond she formed with her twin sister.  With recipes and stories for each season, LANCASTER BAKERY: Thank You, Come Back to See Us is both a culinary and literary delight.

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Best Bakery EVER!  Great day in the morning!  Miss Jeannie Reid used to work there.  I'll never forget my birthday cakes from this bakery!!!

- Bridgette Frazier Lowery

Customer Memories

Going to the Lancaster Bakery was always a treat for me.  Of all of the delicious offerings, the chocolate cookies with white icing inside will forever be the best cookies ever!  Another very special favorite was the Easter egg cake.  It was much larger than the size of an egg and was decorated beautifully.  The Easter Bunny put one in my basket for many years!

- Merrio Morton

Never had a better donut since.  Yes, this was the greatest bakery ever.  I have traveled the world, and never have I found a better bakery.

- Jim Knight

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About Anita Hinson Cauthen

ANITA HINSON CAUTHEN grew up in the small, Southern textile town of Lancaster, South Carolina.  Her youth centered on her extended family of eight and the family business, the Lancaster Bakery.  Over the last few years, Anita has worked on converting the bakery's most popular recipes from large batches of sweets to small batches suitable for home baking.  Her book also includes memories of the joy, conflict, and sadness of living with an identical twin sister who had epilepsy.  In memory of her sister, the author is donating ten percent of her book royalties to the Epilepsy Foundation (www.epilepsy.com).